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With sliding rail system for longer spaces
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For longer areas, we recommend tracked shutters that use a by-pass or by-fold system. Ideal for patio doors, wardrobes or wall dividers, there are a wide range or areas that tracked shutters can be used, making a visual statement in each and every one.

Popular due to this versatility, our design team will help you choose from the customisation options available for an end result of beautiful shutters, with their own unique style.

Tracked shutters, measured, made and fitted

Running along a sliding rail system, tracked shutters are perfect for spaces where traditional shutters would be either unwieldy or inconvenient.

Covering the entire frame, allowing for complete darkness and privacy. Whilst they’re a great solution for patio doors or floor to ceiling windows, they’re not limited to use in traditional ways; we’ve successfully installed them as room dividers, wardrobe doors and even for separating en-suite bathrooms.

The by-pass system allows each panel to slide past the other effortlessly for a hassle-free experience when opening and closing your shutters, whilst the by-fold system can be completely folded out of the way, great for allowing in the maximum amount of natural light or completely opening up a room.


  • Openings of 2m or longer
  • Large / open plan room dividers
  • Patio doors
  • Wardrobe doors


  • Bi-fold or By-pass track systems
  • Smooth sliding system
  • Optional 180 bi-fold
  • Optional free-floating panel

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    Material options

    We have six different material options for our shutter range.

    With MDF, hardwood and water resistant ABS options, our team will help you choose the best solution for your space.


    There are a variety of finishes available for your shutters.

    The selection includes beautiful paints, stains and varnishes in a range of colours. Custom colours are also an option.


    The choice of louvre is essential to creating the perfect look.

    Our experts will help you choose the right size for your shutters, depending on your style and the depth of the shutter frame.

    Additional information

    Full height shutters can often be mistaken for not being so versatile but this is actually not true. With the option of manufacturing your shutters with a mid rail for no extra fee, full height shutters will then allow you to manoeuvre slats separately top and bottom.

    This means you can open the top section of louvres to allow light whilst tilting the bottom section of louvres to shade or provide you with privacy when needed.

    All of our shutters are hinged to a frame and this style is no different. This also means that the shutters can easily be folded back revealing the whole of your window behind whilst allowing maximum light and ventilation.

    Energy saving benefits

    When it comes to energy efficiency, shutters are proven to be a much better thermal insulator than other window dressings, like curtains, blinds or drapes. Not only that, wood is a better insulator of heat than glass, so window shutters can actually be more efficient than additional glazing.

    Because they fully cover the whole window with timber, full height shutters are one of the most efficient styles available, and could help reduce energy bills during colder months.

    Installation and fitting

    During your free home consultation, our team will help you decide the style of your shutters, as well as any customisation options required. Once we have your dream designs back at our workshop, our expert joiners will craft your shutters in your vision, exactly as specified.

    The whole process, from consultation to installation, takes between 6-10 weeks – you can find out more detail here.

    Caring for your shutters

    Shutters attract less dust and dirt than curtains or drapes but they still need regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking at their best – although this is still a relatively easy job compared to other window dressings.

    Both lamb’s wool and ostrich feather dusters can be used to clean all types of shutter materials including MDF, faux wood and hardwood. Their softness ensures that the finish isn’t damaged during cleaning and they can easily get into harder to reach areas.

    Sunburst Shutters recommend the following steps when cleaning your full height shutters:

    1. To clean, tilt the slats downwards and dust off the surface in the same direction. Do this on one side, before reversing the slats to dust the opposite side.
      1. Make sure you dust your shutters before using a damp cloth to wipe the slats. This will help prevent any debris or other particles from sticking to your shutters.
      2. Whilst dusting, be sure to vacuum or sweep away any debris to ensure it doesn’t float back on to the shutters
    2. Using a dry, clean cloth, gently rub down the entire shutter and frame, before using a damp cloth (warm water) to again wipe over all visible surfaces.
      1. Do not use cleaning solutions on your shutters. They can potentially damage the finish and/or the materials your shutters are made from.
      2. Do not spray directly onto the shutters themselves.
    3. Once complete, wipe over any damp surfaces with another dry, clean cloth. To avoid leaving marks or stains, never allow liquid to dry on the surface of your shutters.

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