Shutter Styles

Plantation shutters to suit your home

Our shutters are handcrafted from masters of the craft, that are experienced in all aspects of joinery and fitting. Their skills are shown in a variety of designs – Full Height, Tier-on-Tier, Café Style & Tracked. These styles can be designed in an arrange of sourced materials – White Teak, Basswood, Paulownia UPVC, MDF PLUS and MDF. Not only can you decide on the material of the shutters, you can personalise with the louvre sizes, the colour and stains.

FULL HEIGHT - Shutter Style

From our experience, we have found that the full height style of shutter is probably the most popular choice to go for. They cover the whole window and are an elegant, timeless choice. A mid rail is usually suggested to fit in with the existing style of window frame. The full height interior shutters are split into two sections, individually allowing you to control the light and privacy you desire.

CAFE STYLE - Shutter Style

Café style shutters are very simplistic but are making an elegant comeback, especially in the Victorian properties, town houses and eateries. They suit kitchens and living room spaces perfectly where blackout is not essential. Café style shutters work perfectly, in summer days but also look great alongside curtains or blinds in those winter colder months.

TIER-ON-TIER - Shutter Style

Tier-on-tier shutters are another great choice to give your home a classy, beautiful finish. They give you the full benefit of covering your whole window, but at the same time give you two independently opening sections, allowing you the option to have the bottom closed for privacy while the top is open for sunlight. The bottom panel can also be opened for full window access.

TRACKED - Shutter Style

Tracked shutters are used for wide windows or doors for long opening of 2 m2 or more. Our tracked shutters glide along the tracking system, allowing for smooth and effortless opening and folding. Tracked shutters can be used for other purposes such as room dividers and wardrobe doors. These shutters bifold, allowing for the doors to remain compact, giving you the maximum amount of space and light penetration.


Sunburst Shutters are able to measure and install bespoke shaped shutters to fit any architectural statement your house has, from triangles and ovals through to arched openings.

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