Shutter Styles

Plantation shutters to suit your home

Our shutters are handcrafted from masters of the craft, that are experienced in all aspects of joinery and fitting. Their skills are shown in a variety of designs – Full Height, Tier-on-Tier, Café Style & Tracked.

These styles can be designed in an array of sourced materials – White Teak, Basswood, Paulownia UPVC, MDF PLUS and MDF. Not only can you decide on the material of the shutters, you can personalise with the louvre sizes, the colour and stains.

Full Height Shutters

The classic style of full height shutters add a touch of class to any home. Covering the whole window or door frame, full height shutters block external light when closed, so they’re a great choice for bedrooms and other rooms where total darkness is required.

Tier on Tiers Shutters

The two independently opening sections of tier on tier shutters are perfect for rooms where more control over privacy or light is required. With the top section open, you can allow natural light into your room whilst keeping the lower section closed for privacy.

Café Style Shutters

With the top portion of your window left open to natural light and the bottom portion covered, café style shutters are a stunning feature in any room. Curtains or blinds can be used in conjunction to cover the upper portion of the window, adding to their versatility.

Tracked Shutters

For longer areas, we recommend tracked shutters that use a by-pass or by-fold system. Ideal for patio doors, wardrobes or wall dividers, there are a wide range or areas that tracked shutters can be used, making a visual statement in each and every one.

Shaped Shutters

Sunburst Shutters are able to measure and install bespoke shaped shutters to fit any architectural statement your house has, from triangles and ovals through to arched openings.

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Material options

We have six different material options for our shutter range.

From MDF and hardwood, through to water resistant ABS, our team will help you choose the best option to suit your space.


There are a variety of finishes available for your shutters.

The selection includes beautiful paints, stains and varnishes in a range of colours. Custom colours are also an option.


The choice of louvre is essential to creating the perfect look.

Our experts will help you choose the right size for your shutters, depending on your style and the depth of the shutter frame.

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