Benefits of Shutters

Why shutters are right for your home

There are a number of benefits that come with choosing shutters, helping them become an increasingly popular choice in many different styles of property.

It’s not just their aesthetic appeal – they are low maintenance and offer increased thermal and sound insulation, as well as additional privacy and security for your home. Let us tell you why they are the perfect choice for your home…

Privacy and security

Adjustable louvres mean you can control natural light in your home, as well as giving you increased privacy whenever you need it.

As shutter frames are fixed, they also offer an additional barrier to anyone attempting to enter your home. Our shutters can be fitted with additional locks for security.

UV Protection and flexible light control

To preserve your furniture and flooring, your shutter louvres can be tilted to divert UV rays away. Your shutters aren’t affected by these UV rays – they’re treated with an invisible coating that protects the wood stain or paint finish from wear and warping.

To maximise the natural light entering a room, the shutter panels can be fully opened, allowing an unrestricted view through the window.

Low maintenance and health benefits

Traditional fabric window coverings like curtains or blinds can collect dust, providing an attractive breeding environment for dust mites.

Shutters do not accumulate dust as easily, as well as being less hassle and quicker clean to than fabrics, meaning they can be useful for dust mite allergy sufferers.

Investment and appeal

Interior shutters can be a wise investment for your home.

Shutters are an attractive option for dressing your windows (often being used to cover PVC frames), and, being a permanent fixture, can help increase potential value of your property.

Sound and thermal insulation

Sound insulation is maintained when louvres and doors are closed.

With cost-efficient thermal insulation provided by a timber barrier, your room is protected from winter draughts. During the summer, opening windows and adjusting louvres can help air circulate, as well as providing shade for additional cooling.

Additional information

Still not convinced of the benefits of shutters versus blinds or curtains?

We’ve sourced some research from third-party websites that helps prove just how much of a benefit they can be for your home.


Case Study

Thermal imaging survey reveals: close your shutters.



Case Study

Energy efficient window attachments.


Shutters to suit all styles

From the convenience of tier-on-tier shutters to the timeless look of café style shutters, we have something to fit the feel of your home.

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